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American Painting Now looks at Contemporary artists who work in the medium of paint. Each artists work in the exhibition is distinct and holds an ethos all their own. Adnan Razvi’s diverse body of work includes graffiti based pieces mixing elements of popular American culture and stereotypical imagery of Muslim culture, as well as newer works featuring calligraphic elements in layered patterns. Works by Jacques Seronde reference that of abstract expressionism, twining together aesthetics of Hans Hoffman, Robert Motherwell, and mixing them with the layered visuality of a Robert Rauschenberg. Alex Brewer, who goes by the name of HENSE takes graffiti to a whole new level, from large scale commissions in which he completely transforms the facades of structures, to expansive works on stretched canvas, each dripping with brilliant bolts of color and abstracted and irregular patterns.

The work of these artists, while all distinctive, all engage in an environment of conviviality, signifying a return to the medium of painting, which has waned in popularity over the last two decades in favor of installation and conceptual art exhibitions. 

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