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dust and bone:






Jacques Cazaubon Seronde is an American painter whose work delves into the psyche of place, the natural world, and the negotiation between urbanism, naturalism, consciousness and memory. His upbringing in the American Southwest largely informs his work. Having recently returned from a tour of Western Europe, Seronde absorbed the vastness of the art historical canon and refracts that experience through the prism of his past.

Seronde notes, “I am working to retell the wordless stories of thoughts and dreams, nostalgia and a mapping of a series of personal marks.” The work has an incredible amount of ephemerality and phantasmagoric qualities, like dreams half remembered and futures not fully conceived. An alumnus of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Seronde currently lives and works in Flagstaff, AZ.
Dust and Bone is on view through September 30th. 

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