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Contemporary Art, Erin Joyce, New York City, Curator\


“This Land is Your Land” is a six-film video installation, curated by Erin Joyce Projects for LIGHT YEAR, August 4th, 2016. The project examines the dynamism of diasporic communities, the history of violence against diasporic individuals, and the profane abuse of assaultive power that manifests in governmental policies against immigrant or “unwanted” groups. The topic of this exhibition could not be more timely, with the Syrian Refugee Crisis at hand, and United State Government policy on Native American issues endangering the sovereignty of Native lands. The works in the show range from Nicholas Galanin’s examination of the devastating effects of petrol chemical companies invading Native lands, Steven J. Yazzie’s work looking at the water crisis on Tribal land in Southern Arizona, Raven Chacon’s illustrative work on orchestrated violence and the instrumentalization of policy against people, Sama Alshaib’s works upon abusive power, and the destruction of environment and bio-location, and Basma Alsharif’s illustration of the end of nature. The exhibition, while offering aesthetic beauty, also enters into a pensive dialogue on pressing issues. 

Photograph by Thollem McDonnas 

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